Progress in engagement, re-engagement drive

Harare – The engagement and re-engagement policy being pursued by President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Government has resulted in consolidation of ties with traditional friends, while opening novel avenues of international co-operation with new allies.

In a media statement, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Minister Dr Subisiso Moyo said relations with all-weather friends like Brazil, China, India and Russia had deepened in the two years of implementation of the policy.

In addition, ties with countries like Australia, France, the Netherlands, Oman, Pakistan, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates had been either revived and taken to higher levels, or established from almost scratch and taken to commendable heights in a relatively short space of time.

Dr Moyo said Government was making headway in rapprochement with the United States, the European Union as a bloc, and the United Kingdom to thaw tensions.

“In all cases, doors have been opened to us and we are actively and cordially engaged,’ Dr Moyo said. “Of course, divergence remains – especially on the issue of sanctions and continuing punitive measures imposed on Zimbabwe — but the mere fact that we are talking to rather than at the US, UK and EU administrations represents a very significant advance on where Zimbabwe stood prior to November 2017.”

Dr Moyo recently held talks, which were described as productive, with US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Ambassador Tibor Nagy, and UK Minister for Africa, Mr James Duddridge.

Further, the high-level Zimbabwe/EU Ministerial Dialogue will resume once both parties agree on how best to pursue the re-engagement within the context of disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.


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