Namibia, China demands end to sanctions

Harare – Top diplomats from Namibia and China have thrown their lot in with the people of Zimbabwe by calling for an end to illegal sanctions on the country.

Namibia’s’s top diplomat in Harare, Ambassador Balbina Daes Pienaar, says her country is firmly in support of the unconditional end to the illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe.

She made the remarks ahead of SADC Anti-Sanctions Day 2020. Regional leaders agreed to set aside October 25 annually and in perpetuity until illegal Western sanctions on Zimbabwe are lifted.

Ambassadr Pienaar said, “Namibia is a SADC Member State and subscribes to the collective resolve on the unconditional removal of sanctions against Zimbabwe. The reason why SADC was formed is to enable member states to co-ordinate their development programmes in order to serve the citizens of our region properly.

“We know that sanctions are a brainchild of our detractors doing all they can to effect regime change in our region, targeting mainly former liberation movements. Their focus is to undermine and disrupt programmes aimed at regional development while wanting to continue plundering our resources.”

In a virtual meeting with President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Friday, Beijing’s chief envoy in Harare, Ambassador Guo Shaochun, said the world’s second-largest economy was unequivocal in demanding unconditional lifting of the illegal sanctions.

“As always, China is prepared to assist Zimbabwe in whatever way it can to defy the impact of sanctions and realise development. Every country has the right to choose its own path of development which is suitable for its own national conditions. Now more than ever, Zimbabwe needs more respect and genuine support. China will continue to call for the immediate, unconditional removal of sanctions on Zimbabwe,” he said.

Ambassador Guo said the sanctions affected ordinary Zimbabweans.

“These sanctions are claimed to target only very few individuals and entities. But the detrimental effects on the entire Zimbabwean economy and population are there for all to see. It is even more acceptable that these sanctions undercut Zimbabwe’s efforts to tackle the humanitarian challenges brought about by COVID-19.”

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