SADC diplomats meet over Zim sanctions

Diplomats from across the Southern African Development Community (SADC) are scheduled to hold an indaba to compare notes and craft strategies on how best to get the most impact out of the bloc’s Anti-Sanctions Day.

SADC last year declared October 25 the region’s Anti-Sanctions Day as part of a regional lobby to end the embargo that has hurt the livelihoods of ordinary people. The impact of the illegal sanctions has spilt over to the entire Southern African region by dint of Zimbabwe’s geo-political and strategic economic importance for movement of goods, people and services across SADC.

To this end, South Africa’s to diplomat to Zimbabwe, Ambassador Mphakama Mbete, has said her colleagues from the region will meet ahead of Anti-Sanctions Day to advance the lobby for the unconditional end of the embargo.

“We are going to convene a meeting this week as SADC ambassadors to prepare for the Anti-Sanctions Day. My government and other SADC member states will take part in the commemorations of the Anti-Sanctions Day scheduled for October 25. All SADC members’ states are rallying behind Zimbabwe in the fight against the sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe, which is affecting the general populace,” he said.

It is not only SADC that has been pushing for an end to the Western sanctions on Zimbabwe.

At African Union and COMESA level as well, leaders have been unequivocal in denouncing the sanctions regime.


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